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It is our duty to take a proactive approach to this pandemic. As such, we have carefully reviewed our COVID-19 prevention and security plan to provide you with safety and comfort during your stay.


Our Staff

  • All staff will wear masks and visors.

  • We clean more often with higher levels of disinfection.

  • We have a trained staff member who ensures that the anti-COVID-19 security measures are being implemented correctly.


Public Areas

  • Alcohol gel availability in all public areas.

  • All public areas will undergo a daily disinfection process.

  • Common public areas are sanitized 1-4 times a day and frequent contact points such as handrails, table tops, door handles, etc. are sanitized every hour or less.


  • The rooms are cleaned daily. In case the guest does not require cleaning or contact with the staff, they must leave the sign on the door.

  • All bedding will be washed at high temperatures with a strong disinfectant.

  • All bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized with a heavy duty alkaline cleaner and disinfectant. Injecting diluted cleaning solution into drains to avoid clogged pipes and prevent bacterial growth.

  • Breakfasts are organized previously seated, with signage for keeping distance.

  • Guests are encouraged to wash their hands before entering and to use sanitizer dispensers available at the entrances / exits of the breakfast bar.

  • Twice daily temperature checks staff

  • Reduced movement of personnel.

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ROOM 9A5.jpg

Our commitment and duty is reflected in a proactive prevention plan adapted to COVID-19. We have strengthened our daily policy and procedures as we want our team members, guests and visitors to experience a clean and safe environment at our properties. We adopt new sterilization and disinfection practices. 

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